Date Night Look For Under $100.00

Whether its a birthday dinner, a night out with the girls, or a date night with your beau…don’t you always feel like you have nothing to wear? I know I do!

First, let’s get real. We always HAVE stuff to wear, its just a matter of if we feel like wearing it. And bottom line it’s just more fun to wear a new outfit.

I don’t know about you, but I often find myself wanting to shop for a new outfit…but not exactly wanting to shell out the dough. This is why I bring to you, the first of many to come, NIGHT OUT UNDER $100.00 looks.

Yes, it is possible to assemble a trendy, awesome look for under a hundo.

This outfit is perfect for this seasons winter-spring transition (especially in NYC while it still feels like winter). Who doesn’t love a snug slimming Bodycon Dress with a sexy surprise crisscross back? And when its $24.80? Uhh sign me up please!

Play up the back of this dress with UO CrissCross tights from Urban Outfitters –many more tights to choose from and when under 10 bucks? You can’t go wrong.

Unlisted Shelf reliance Bootie ON SALE from winters season will keep your feet toasty while its still a bit cold this spring. By grabbing this Vintage Lady Floral Clutch you’ll  add some visual excitement, while calling up a hot new spring trend: pops of floral patterns.

Tie your look together by adding a statement piece of jewelry like these Jeweled Teardrop Earrings and when they cost under $6–if you loose one…well, C’est la vie!

With this look I know you won’t be paying the bill 😉

Dearly and Truly,

your favorite closet fibber,

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3 Responses to Date Night Look For Under $100.00

  1. andree says:

    Always nice to find more for less.
    I will be checking in…

  2. Jane says:

    This is a fabulous website. I’ll keep checking in.

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