If you’ve ever caught yourself in a daze, drooling through a window at a pair of glimmering Louboutins winking at you, then you have arrived at the right site!

I’ve been there. I’ve seen the wink, and I’ve even winked back…only to slap myself out of that daydream. What I’ve come to realize, is that the key to getting those pricey babies on your feet is knowing how to shop. This, believe it or not, is an acquired skill. It calls for patience, interest, the occasional search and rescue missions, and of course, STYLE.¬†Unfortunately for the vast majority of us fashionistas, an interest in dressing chic doesn’t always come hand in hand with a heavy wallet.

Lucky for you, my little closet fibbers, I’m here to do the dirty work for you.

My quest through Don’t Tell My Closet I’m Broke.com is to help you find fashionable pieces for great prices that will keep your friends (and your closet) wondering how the hell you can afford them.

hey, I won’t tell your closet if you wont.


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  1. chickstyle says:

    You’ve been nominated by me on one of my post

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